Etíde is a new natural skincare brand inspired by the interrelation between nature and culture. We are defined by genuine interest and attention to every detail - from effective formulas to design and nuanced aroma compositions, with a thought of your complete sensory pleasure in mind.

The packaging design concept is inspired by the unpredictability and variety of textures found in nature. In the process, we collect natural elements, photograph the textures, digitise and transform them, reflecting the reality of today, where we often need to find balance between the fast and intense life in modern cities and the peace that comes from the magic of nature.
We keep the details of the packaging clean and slightly asymmetrical, just enough so that the visual elements form a coherent signature and contribute to brand recognition. 

The packaging design is reserved, but not typical, it corresponds with the idea of the brand and fits in any bathroom. All Etíde products are 92-100% natural and their ingredients are fully biodegradable.
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