Developing this line we wanted to tell a story of beauty and acceptance of natural ourselves. Beauty that emerges through honesty to ones self. We took a singular path to looking at the cosmetics industry and humans’ attitude to their own body.
The story of MURMUR is the awareness of nature’s connection with your own beauty, revealing the appearance and processes of all living through naturally formed surfaces. We see how the time and processes influence stone, wood or metal, giving it an individual character. What about the human skin? Natural surfaces within time is chosen as the central theme of the MURMUR - representing the journey if our skin through our own time. Skin requires conscientious care taking, that appreciates it’s natural beauty, instead of making it race the imaginary standards. 
The product concept of the skin care line is to shed everything that is unnecessary, redundant, thus giving space for expression of true essentials. This style expression is implemented throughout – from graphics to ingredients. Working process involved continuous experimenting with textures and surfaces, combining them and observing the impact on them.

We have given to the product unique voice by telling a story for beauty through demure visual communications.

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